Ed Johnson

Music Producer, Composer, Audio Engineer

I started playing music with the saxophone in middle school and the trombone in high school. I really fell in love with music in high school where I joined marching band and jazz band. In 2020 I took an audio engineering internship at Audible Images and started writing music shortly after.I hope to write music that inspires people and I want to use it to help others tell their stories.

You can email me at johnsoned9[email protected] or if you want to support me, you can send a tip on Ko-Fi.


Lunar Llama - Music

Captain Llama! You have been called on a dangerous mission to terraform a remote planet. Gather research data, plant seeds, and create an atmosphere before your limited oxygen supply runs out. Can you survive the harsh conditions of space?!Created for the Utah Indie Game Jam 2023. The theme was "Parallel Worlds".Game

The Last Slice - Music, Sound Design

"You are a pumpkignome, selected by King and country for a quest of utmost importance. Do your best!"
Created for the Cozy Autumn Jam (2023). The additional theme was "Detective Mystery".

The Witch and the Wilds - Music, Sound Design

"You are a witch exploring a wild enchanted forest to gather ingredients for magic spells and potions."Created by 4 developers and artists over a period of 10 days for The Olive Jam 2023. The theme was "Flipping the Perspective," which gave us the idea of a two-sided card game where cards you don't deal with on the "Day" side get flipped and return to challenge you again on their "Night" side.Game

GO! GO! Hamster Chef! - Music

"Help Hamster Chef cook yummy dishes for his animal pals! This is a fun, innocent game which does not contain ANY dark twist."
Made for a N64 themed jam with the additional theme of "incompatible genres".


You can listen to some of the music I've written and mixed here.