Ed Johnson

Music Producer, Composer, Audio Engineer

I started playing music with the saxophone in middle school and the trombone in high school. I really fell in love with music in high school where I joined marching band and jazz band. In 2020 I took an audio engineering internship at Audible Images and started writing music shortly after.I hope to write music that inspires people and I want to use it to help others tell their stories.

You can email me at [email protected] or if you want to support me, you can send a tip on Ko-Fi.


You can listen to some of the music I've written and mixed here.


GO! GO! Hamster Chef! - Composer

"Help Hamster Chef cook yummy dishes for his animal pals! This is a fun, innocent game which does not contain ANY dark twist."
Made for a N64 themed jam with the additional theme of "incompatible genres".